August 10, 2011

Dungeons and Dragons

A roll of the dice and a sip of the Dew
A Player’s Handbook and a DM’s Guide too
Bust out the chips and a ten-sided die
Get out some paper, get ready to write
Your character sheets whether elf or an eladrin
Make him a druid or bard or a paladin
Chaotic evil or lawfully good
Make sure he’s wearing a cloak with a hood
If he’s too modern, he just won’t fit in
With the rest of the party on this nerdy campaign
But if all of that just isn’t enough
If rolling dice is not up to snuff
Then break out the cloaks and the foam-covered swords
Maybe some miniatures and maybe a board
Put on some Rush and turn down the lights
And larp your heart out with all of your might
And if you are one who is just pretty sure
That the inherent and evil allure
Of this innocent game is that it’s absurd
It won’t make you evil, it will just make you a nerd

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