August 10, 2011

Dungeons and Dragons

A roll of the dice and a sip of the Dew
A Player’s Handbook and a DM’s Guide too
Bust out the chips and a ten-sided die
Get out some paper, get ready to write
Your character sheets whether elf or an eladrin
Make him a druid or bard or a paladin
Chaotic evil or lawfully good
Make sure he’s wearing a cloak with a hood
If he’s too modern, he just won’t fit in
With the rest of the party on this nerdy campaign
But if all of that just isn’t enough
If rolling dice is not up to snuff
Then break out the cloaks and the foam-covered swords
Maybe some miniatures and maybe a board
Put on some Rush and turn down the lights
And larp your heart out with all of your might
And if you are one who is just pretty sure
That the inherent and evil allure
Of this innocent game is that it’s absurd
It won’t make you evil, it will just make you a nerd

August 7, 2011

Poem News 8/8/2011

The debt deal is bogus and the market is crashing
GOP and the President hashing
All of this out, but the facts are right there
If we don’t rein this in, we’re in for a scare
Monday morning is most certainly bust
The market is too crazy for investors to trust
But come on, Wall Street, and just get a grip
America is not in the mood for this flip
And it’s not just the States, but Asia and Europe
The entire planet is trying to cope
But really everyone needs to chill
Starting spending your paychecks or it will all go downhill!

Turn Off Your Blinker

Your blinker is on and I wish that it wasn’t
Your blinker is on and obviously it doesn’t
Mean that you’re turning so why don’t you
Turn off your blinker

Your blinker is on and it has been for miles
Your blinker is on and it’s making me vile
All I can look at is that orange light
So please—turn off your blinker

Sometimes while I’m stuck on the freeway
Crawling in traffic while my life slips away
I’m tired, I’m grumpy, and I don’t want to be there
Surrounded by others who drive just to scare
But then you showed up and cut into line
You almost side swiped me too, you swine
And then just to make it all peachy
You turned on your blinker and since Exit 133
We have all suffered since you simply can’t see
That you need to turn off the damn blinker already

July 31, 2011

Sleeping Pills

Drugs drugs
Good for your sleep
The more you take
The more you eat
The more you sleep
The better you feel
So pop some drugs
With great zeal

Disclaimer: Caffeinated Couplets does not in any way endorse sleeping pills. The author of this blog wrote this poem in jest for a dear friend who could not stop eating everything in his entire kitchen under the influence of sleeping pills. Really, rather than popping drugs with great zeal, Caffeinated Couplets advises all those who do not sleep well to watch TV shows staring Kim Kardashian or Jersey Shore kids until desired sleep effects are achieved.

July 17, 2011

These Are a Few of my Least Favorite Things

Sitting in traffic or waiting in line
People who talk almost all the of the time
Men who are cocky or men who have flings
These are a few of my least favorite things

People who take up two parking places
Driving the freeway like chariot races
Stop cutting me off and turn on your blinker
You’re not a good driver; you’re just a big stinker

Listening to those who don’t know when to shush
Talking forever, turn my brain into mush
Totally missing all social cues
Holding all hostage until you are through

If you lean on a mirror for an act that is crass
Thinking it’s private and then picking your ass
And unknown to you, we can all totally see
All the details of how you pick your wedgie

Women who show off way too much boob
Bathrooms that reek too much of poo
Breath that smells like Doritos or Corn Nutz
Pants that don’t nearly cover up butts
Walking behind someone who just left a fart
Making a mess and calling it art
Jaywalkers who dart against traffic lights
Or cross wearing black in the middle of night
Crunching popcorn at the last Harry Potter
So I couldn’t hear major twists in the plot, or
People who steal shopping carts from the store
And leave them to roll and make dents in my door
Maybe I’m grouchy and maybe I’m mean
Maybe I should calm my thoughts on caffeine
But whether it’s wrong or whether it’s right
These things piss me off and they make me write

June 30, 2011

Drunk Dialed

Phone ringing while I’m out and about
I think there must be some tragedy
For in all these years of knowing you
You have never once called me

So I get home and rush through dinner
Making sure to call you back
You sound cheery, a bit too much
And then you start to yack

I ask you how you’re doing
You giggle like a child
You tell me all about Jell-o
And how it's just so wild

You talk about the economy
How you could solve it all
How if everyone had listened to you
There never would have been a fall

You tell me that you have a friend
His name is Mr. Grey Goose
And then I start to realize
That you’re drunk off your caboose

Then I know that I am stuck
Talking to your drunk ass
Because you never even stop to breathe
Much less give me room to sass

My mind wanders and I think
How can I get out of this?
How can I say I have to go
And not dent your drunken bliss?

I think about just hanging up
Just saying that my phone died
You probably won’t remember later
You’d totally let that slide

But then I catch a break
When you sound a little bit odd
And I know that you are
Bowing down to the porcelain god

So I’m sorry for your misfortune
And I didn’t mean to flee
I only feel a little bad
That your vomiting set me free

June 25, 2011

Haiku for a Bitch

You must kiss my ass
PMS incarnated
Your mood taints my calm